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Chemical Earthing


ESE Lightning Protection System


Surge Protection Device

What is

Chemical Earthing?

The Electrogrip Backfill Compound is not soluble in Water and it becomes part of the soil sround the electrode. It safeguard to earthing Electrode from corrosion providing low resistivity with minimul fluctuation whereas Salt & Coad used will be washed in rainy season and will be resulted as high Ohmic value.


Traditional Earthing

  • One G.I. / C .I. pipe of a particular diameter
  • The earth electrode is in direct contact with the soil
  • Liable to fast corrosion, subsequent decay of the Earthing pipe/ plate.
  • Needs to be changed in every 3-4 years.
  • Backfill compound used will be washed away in rainy seasons and will be resulted as high ohmic value.
  • Backfill compound (Salt) used will be washed in rainy season and will be resulted as ohmic value.
  • Fluctuation of ohmic value is more, resulting in frequent maintenance of gadgets/ machines and may endanger human life.

Chemical Earthing

  • There are two pipes one inside the other, i.e. pipe in pipe technology.
  • Electrogrip earthing electrode is not in direct contact with the soil.
  • Absence of corrosion
  • Practically no need to change i.e. fit & forget
  • Electrogrip compound is non-corrosive, so there is not much variations in ohmic value.
  • The Electrogrip Backfill compound is not soluble in water and it becomes part of the soil around the electrode.
  • It requires less space and time to install the Electrogrip Earthing electrode.

How to get protected from


Most of the time storm produces huge electric discharge in the climate which we called lightning and thundering. It is also called the electrical discharge which caused lightning. This enormous electrical discharge is caused by an imbalance between positive and negative energy in the atmosphere. Lightning strikes may hits your house and Power lines by passing through internal buildings wires and phone lines and may destroy your huge machinery in mfg sector or computers, Refrigerator, TV, phone lines, Washing machine etc in housing sector.


Copper vs ESE Lightning Arrester

Conventional Lightning Arrester are constructed with pure copper. The rods are produced with a tapered tip which is always installed in the top portion of the facility to be protected.

ESE Lightning Arrester which protects structures such as high rise buildings from damage by intercepting flashes of lightning and transmitting their current to ground. The lightning arresters captures the lightning energy at a preferred point. The energy is conveyed to ground via downconductor


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