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ISG Global is amongst the leading suppliers and exporter of electrical equipment. It’s wide range of electrical and electronic products find application in power generation, distribution, control, protection and final consumption.At ISG Global, We have implemented rigorous procedures under the control of quality experts, who comply with necessary standards and regulations to develop products, in order to satisfy the demands of both domestic and international customers. Quality has always been one of the principal goals of our organization. Our team of quality controllers, inspect.

Wide Range of Products

Chemical Earthing

"Electrogrip" offers unsurpassed Technical superiority for Electrolytic Grounding System.

Copper Bonded Rod

This Electrogrip Copper rod supplies a excellent, firm, lower level of resistance program

Earth Enhancing Comp.

Electrogrip Earthing Electrode features a compound referred to as Earth Enhancing Compound.

Earth Pit Covers

These products are manufactured using premium quality raw material.

Exothermic Welding Kit

It includes all the materials a wireless infrastructure tower crew needs to get started.

ESE Lightning Arrester

The protection area Rp of the ESE lightning Protection system (LPS) turbo con¬ductor

FRP Mast

FRP Masts are corrosion-resistant and designed to withstand environmental

Surge Protection Device

A range of surge protection solutions to protect against the damaging effects of lightning

Surge Arrester

Surge Protection Devices or Switching Surge Suppressor are designed mainly for connection

Cable Jointing Kit

It applied to materials, which are capable of shrinking without raising the material

Polymeric Insulators

Polymeric insulator technology, replacing traditional glass and porcelain materials

Control Transformer

Designs custom engineered magnetics incld transformers, inductors, chokes & reactors.

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